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Tax Controversy & Tax Risk Management

Palmer & Cook was set up over ten years ago to assist clients in their disputes with HM Revenue & Customs.

Sean Palmer, the founder of Palmer & Cook was himself a former Inspector of Taxes and has worked in the tax investigation departments of both BDO and E&Y. Sean is a Chartered Tax Adviser and has over 30 years experience of tax investigation work and has helped clients ranging in size from sole traders all the way through to companies in the FTSE 100.

Palmer & Cook has successfully handled all manner of tax investigations, ranging from district level enquiries, up to the more serious Code of Practice 9 cases, (cases of suspected serious fraud).

We are based in Bristol but are regularly in London where we have use of an office in Ealing.


What Our Clients Say

If you are reading this, then HM Revenue and Customs are also reading this and although we have numerous success stories, for the benefit of all clients, it does not always pay to advertise.

At our initial meeting, I can outline our recent successes, however, what will be of even greater benefit is that current and previous clients are willing to provide references and their contact details can be provided, so that you can make a fully informed decision as to who should represent you in your dispute with HM Revenue Customs. In terms of our charges, Tax Investigation work is difficult to quote for, as one size definitely does not fit all. The expression “how long is a piece of string” is a good analogy, but rest assured we are extremely competitively priced.

When we have a better idea of your particular dispute with HMRC and the level of work involved, we will be able to give you a far better idea of the likely level of our fees.

We are happy to work on a fixed fee basis or an hourly rate.


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